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Who Are My Guardian Angels? 6 Ways to Connect With Your Guardian Angels

Who Are My Guardian Angels

There are benevolent guides and protectors assigned to every soul. Guardian angels watch over us, lend help in times of need, and try to nudge us toward our highest good.

These divine beings send guidance through occurrences such as recurring angel numbers, finding white feathers in odd places, narrowly avoiding accidents, or hearing meaningful lyrics.

Guardian angels are divine spirit guides who send protection, guidance, in this article we will find out who are my guardian angels, types of guardian angels, and 6 ways to connect with your guardian angels.

What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are benevolent spirit guides assigned by God to watch over, assist, and protect us throughout our lives. They are divine beings of light and love who seek to help us grow spiritually and fulfill our soul’s purpose.

Though invisible to the physical eye, guardian angels are always near, guiding us with intuition, wisdom, and synchronicity. They communicate through signs, dreams, emotions, and moments of inspiration. Their guidance is subtle but can be discerned by those who are receptive.

Some believe each person is watched over by at least two guardian angels – one focused on spiritual growth and one on physical safety. They intervene behind the scenes in miraculous ways, orchestrating helpful coincidences and protecting us from harm.

Guardian angels are also said to record our life events and prayers. After physical death, they escort our souls to the afterlife. They are unconditional in their love, patience and desire to serve, even when we doubt their presence.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are two main guardian angels who oversee protection and guidance for humanity as a whole. But we each have our own personal angels too.

While guardian angels are divine helpers, they also respect human free will. We must ask for their assistance and be open to their wisdom for optimal angelic help. But they never abandon or give up on us, remaining loyal guides through all life’s ups and downs.

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Types of Guardian Angels

Types of Guardian Angels

There are various classes and types of guardian angels watching over us:


The most powerful guardians are the archangels – beings of immense power and light. The main archangels involved in human guardian roles are:

  • Archangel Michael – oversees protection, courage, strength
  • Archangel Raphael – healing and wholeness
  • Archangel Gabriel – guidance, intuition, messages
  • Archangel Uriel – wisdom, insights, problem-solving

Deceased Loved Ones

Depending on our individual spiritual beliefs, deceased relatives or friends who have passed on can continue to guide us as spirit guardians. These are likely people we had deep connections with who want to see us thrive.

Spirit Guides

We each have a team of spirit guides – not necessarily angels – who help steer us in the right direction. These may include:

  • Masters, gurus or saints
  • Power animals or totem guides
  • Nature spirits or fairies
  • Extraterrestrials or star beings
  • Ascended Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna

How Guardian Angels Help

Guardian angels assist us in many impactful ways, including:

  • Providing guidance and inner wisdom – Angels send intuitive thoughts or mental nudges to point us in positive directions. They help align us with our true purpose and best interests.
  • Sending signs and messages – Angels frequently communicate guidance through subtle signs and synchronicities meant to catch our attention, such as recurring number patterns (angel numbers), songs with special meanings, or even white feathers showing up in odd places.
  • Offering protection from harm – Angels can steer us away from dangerous situations, trouble, or bad influences. They also protect us energetically, dissolving fear and offsetting negativity. Many people report miraculous recoveries from illness, narrowly avoiding accidents, and escaping dire calamity thanks to angelic intervention.

In essence, guardian angels do whatever they can within the limits of universal law to help us live out our soul missions and achieve our goals. But they work behind the scenes, never overstepping human free will. Their influence is gentle, subtle, but powerful. We must learn to recognize and follow their guidance.

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6 Ways to Connect with your Guardian Angels

6 Ways to Connect with your Guardian Angels

There are many effective practices for tuning into your guardian angels and requesting their presence:

Meditation and prayer

Sitting quietly while entering a receptive mental state through breathwork, visualization, and mantras allows you to “hear” angelic guidance as intuitive thoughts and impressions. Praying and directly asking your angels for help opens the channels of communication.

Being open to signs and guidance

Noticing angel numbers, songs, symbols or overheard words, and inner urges allows the angels to communicate through synchronicity. Follow these nudges.

Asking for angelic assistance

Verbally requesting help from your angels out loud orientates your focus and invites their presence. Be specific about your needs.

Carrying or wearing angel images/symbols

Keeping angel artwork, jewelry or reminders around you strengthens your angelic connection through constant subconscious priming.

Expressing gratitude

Thanking your angels out loud for their help and blessings enhances your bond and encourages their continued assistance.

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Interpreting Angel signs

Interpreting Angel signs

Guardian angels use many recurring signs as communication symbols. Some main ones include:

  • Angel numbers – Seeing number sequences like 111, 444, and 777 frequently are messages from angels about being aligned or on the right path (1’s), being surrounded by angels (4’s) and spiritual awakening (7’s).
  • Feathers – White feathers showing up randomly indicate angelic presence. Seeing them increases after asking for a sign or help.
  • Clouds or rainbows – Unusual or distinctly shaped clouds like arcs or angel wings can signal heaven’s guidance. Rainbows are signs of spiritual blessings and promise.
  • Coins – Finding coins on the ground, especially in unusual places, is an angel “heads up” that you’re on the right track and supported. Pennies are common.
  • Scents – Flowers, candles, perfumes or other unexplained pleasant aromas can mean an angelic visitor is near wanting to comfort you.

Pay attention to patterns and trust your intuitive hunches about the meaning of repeated signs. The angels are highlighting them to catch your awareness and validate their presence.

Finding your Guardian Angels’ Names

There are a few key ways to learn your main guardian angels’ names:

  • Meditation – Sit quietly and ask your guides to reveal their names mentally or via automatic writing.
  • Angel cards or books – Use a guide listing angel names and meanings to randomly select ones that feel right.
  • Pendulum dowsing – Hold a pendulum over a list of names and note which direction it swings for “yes” when you ask if that’s your angel’s name.
  • Angel astrology – Enter your birth info into a website listing angels associated with your date and time of birth.
  • Angel numerology – Calculate your name’s numerology and find the angel related to that number.
  • Angel Oracle reading – Have a psychic medium connect with and channel your guides to bring forth their names.

Once you know their names, address them in prayer and when asking for help. It strengthens your bond.

Working with Archangels

The powerful archangels over lighting humanity can help in specialized areas:

  • Call on Archangel Michael for strength in adversity, courage, motivation and life purpose. His signs are flames and swords.
  • Archangel Raphael heals emotional and physical issues. Call on him for wellbeing and rest. Emerald green light is his signature.
  • Archangel Gabriel aids creative projects, communication and clarity. See white or silver light when working with him.
  • Archangel Uriel helps with wisdom, insights, ingenuity and focus. Invite this archangel in when problem-solving.

Ask for their interventions, guidance and energetic upliftment. Notice their signs and presence growing when you establish relationships with them through regular requests and gratitude. Their names invoke tremendous power.

Guardian Angel encounters and Stories

Many people have awe-inspiring anecdotes of encountering their guardian angels or experiencing angelic interventions:

  • A young child lost in the woods for days describes being led to safety by a kind woman in white who then disappears.
  • A survivor of a horrific car crash recalls being pulled from the wreckage by a mysterious man who had impossibly gotten to the scene before first responders did.
  • In a near-death experience, someone clinically dead sees a glowing figure who shows them a life review and asks if they are ready to come home or return to their body.
  • During intense grief, a vivid dream occurs where lost loved ones arrive saying they will always be near as guardian angels. It brings great comfort.
  • Seeing angel wing shapes in clouds, rainbow patterns, or actual white feathers falling at pivotal faith-testing moments.

Such awe-inspiring stories illustrate the loving presence and incredible protection provided by our angelic helpers. The divine truly watches over us.

Guardian Angel Prayers and Invocations

Praying to guardian angels strengthens your connection. Examples include:

General Angel Prayer

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
Ever this day, be at my side,
to light and guard, rule and guide. Amen.

Archangel Michael Prayer

Archangel Michael, please lend me your courage and strength. Help me protect myself and stand tall in the face of adversity. Allow me to foster peace. Amen.

Angel Healing Prayer

Angels of healing, please visit me now and grant me rest, recovery and wholeness. Cleanse my body, mind, and spirit to bring me health, wellbeing and comfort.

Request for Guidance

Holy angels, show me the way. Reveal the next steps on my path and grant me wisdom in all of my decisions, large and small. Send me clear signs so I may follow the highest truth.

Reciting relevant prayers routinely primes you to receive angelic assistance.

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Developing a Relationship with your Guardian Angels

Developing a Relationship with your Guardian Angels

Approach connecting with your guardian angels as you would any close relationship. Consider these tips:

  • Learn their names – Identify and address them to strengthen your bond. Michael and Gabriel are common guardian angel names.
  • Talk to them daily – Chat naturally about your day, plans, worries – as you would a close friend.
  • Listen through meditation – Quiet your mind to hear their guidance as repetitive intuitive thoughts.
  • Look for signs and winks – Notice angel numbers, feathers, music lyrics bringing messages.
  • Express gratitude – Thank the angels for protection, direction, miracles – however big or small.
  • Extend your trust – Have faith in your angels’ presence and help, even if you can’t always see tangible evidence.
  • Ask for support – Don’t be shy about requesting angelic assistance for any situation or hardship.

Regularly engaging with your angels in this way builds an increasingly powerful partnership over time.

Angel Books and Resources

To learn more about communicating with your guardian angels, consult these books and resources:


  • Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie
  • Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne
  • Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue
  • The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue


  • – articles, angel number meanings
  • – angel messages and stories


  • Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards
  • Angelarium – 3D angel renderings

YouTube channels:

  • Gigi Young – angel and spirit guide videos
  • Melanie Beckler – Law of Attraction angel videos

These and many other resources help uncover the messengers who are ready to guide you!

Discerning True Guidance from Guardian Angels

To know you are receiving valid communication from divinely loving angels versus self-delusion, remember:

  • Angels never invoke fear – They bring only calming love and inner peace.
  • Messages are positive/constructive – Angels never criticize, threaten or sow harmful doubt.
  • Guidance feels good – It resonates as truth in your soul, like a warm hug.
  • You stay in control – Angels never control or make decisions for you. Only influence or nudge gently.
  • Look for confirming signs – Ask for signs like feathers or specific numbers to validate communications.
  • Be discerning – Check guidance against core values. Look for consistency and patterns over time.
  • Express gratitude – Thank the angels, and the frequency of contact will continue to increase.

With practice, you will learn to differentiate angelic whispers from ordinary thoughts. Proceed with patience and positivity.

Key Takeaways on Who Are My Guardian Angels

  • Guardian angels are divine spirit guides assigned to protect and guide each person.
  • Angels communicate through subtle signs like numbers, music, and finding feathers or coins.
  • Archangels like Michael and Gabriel oversee guardianship of all humanity.
  • You can connect to your angels through prayer, meditation, gratitude, and trusting signs of their presence.
  • Interpreting symbolic numbers, rainbows, pleasant scents indicates angels are reaching out.
  • Asking angels for miraculous intervention can lead to profound experiences of divine assistance.


Guardian angels are ever-present, patiently assisting even when we don’t actively engage them. But opening to communication and signs from these divine guides amplifies their help. Their sole desire is to steer us down the best paths and shower us with unconditional love.

Although invisible while in this physical world, angels make their presence known in many ways to those looking for their guidance. Learning your angels’ names, talking to them, and trusting the quiet promptings of your intuition allows a powerful partnership to form.

With an open and grateful heart, you can discover just how near your guardian angels are, and the wonders they can work in your life.

FAQs About

How do I know if angels are trying to reach me?

Angels send validating signs like repeating numbers, finding white feathers, or hearing meaningful songs. Pay attention to patterns and inner nudges. Ask them for confirming signs.

What do common angel numbers like 111 and 444 mean?

Numbers like 111, 444, and 777 are angel numbers meaning you’re on the right path and angels are present. 211 means optimistic opportunities ahead. 555 is a big change coming.

How do angels communicate with humans?

Angels communicate with intuition, signs like numbers and feathers, voices, visions, music lyrics, meditation insights, electronic glitches, and more. Stay aware of patterns.

Can angels intervene and change fate?

Angels cannot necessarily change destined events but can guide you to avoid danger and maximize opportunities. Their help manifests through seeming coincidences.

Is there an easy way to learn your guardian angels’ names?

Using angel cards, numerology, meditation, and angel books can help reveal your main guardians’ names. Michael and Gabriel are common ones to start with.


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