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List of Guardian Angels by Birthday: January to December

List of Guardian Angels by Birthday

According to astrology, each zodiac sign has an associated archangel who serves as a guardian angel to people born during those dates. The tradition offers spiritual guidance, comfort, and a sense of protection.

Discover the guardian angel associated with your zodiac sign based on astrology and birthday. Learn how to connect with your spiritual protector through meditation, signs, prayers, and more.

This article will provide a full list of guardian angels by birthday linked to each astrological sign. We’ll also explore practices for connecting with your angel like meditation, interpreting signs, and requesting angelic help.

What is Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a spiritual being believed to be assigned by God to watch over each person during their life. Guardian angels are part of many religious faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They offer protection, guidance, and assistance to the person under their care.

The concept of guardian angels watching over people on specific birthdays has long been a popular folk belief. This is tied to astrology, where each birthday is linked to one of the 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is thought to have an associated guardian angel who looks after people born under that sign.

While not an official church doctrine, the idea of birthday guardian angels has been widely popular. Many people enjoy looking up their birthday angel and seeking their divine guidance and spiritual support.

Significance of Guardian Angels

  • Sense of spiritual protection and comfort
  • Belief in divine intervention in one’s life
  • Feeling of not being alone during difficult times
  • Seeking angelic wisdom, inspiration and insight
  • Faith in a higher power guiding your path

List of Guardian Angels by Birthdate

List of Guardian Angels by Birthdate: January to March

January Guardian Angels

People born in January are born under Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Their guardian angels are Uriel and Barachiel.

Uriel is associated with wisdom, illumination, and intellectual pursuits. Those born under Capricorn may relate to those qualities in Uriel.

Barachiel is the angel of blessings. His guidance is perfect for Aquarius’ humanitarian nature and desire to help others.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Jan 1 – 19 Uriel
Jan 20 – 31 Barachiel

February Guardian Angels

February birthdays fall under Aquarius and Pisces. Barchiel guards Aquarius, and Gabriel guides those born under Pisces.

Gabriel helps provide clarity, direction, and strength. His soothing energy is perfectly matched to emotional and intuitive Pisces.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Feb 1 – 18 Barachiel
Feb 19 – 29 Gabriel

March Guardian Angels

The guardian angels for March are Gabriel for Pisces, and Malachim for Aries.

Malachim brings protection and power. He energizes Aries’ strong will and active nature.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Mar 1 – 20 Gabriel
Mar 21 – 31 Malachim

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List of Guardian Angels by Birthdate: April to Jun

April Guardian Angels

Malachim guides forceful Aries through April 20th. From April 21st onwards, Taurus is paired with the archangel Metatron.

Metatron is the celestial scribe and teacher. He encourages scholarly Taurus’ desire for continuous learning and knowledge.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Apr 1 – 19 Malachim
Apr 20 – 30 Metatron

May Guardian Angels

The guardian angels for people born in lovely May are Metatron for Taurus and Ambriel for Gemini.

Quick-witted Gemini will surely appreciate Ambriel as their guide. Ambriel aids communication skills and promotes creative expression.

Birthday Guardian Angel
May 1 – 20 Metatron
May 21 – 31 Ambriel

June Guardian Angels

June features sun-loving Cancer paired with Muriel, and intellectual Gemini with Ambriel.

Muriel brings peace, harmony, and emotional healing. This resonant energy suits ultra-sensitive Cancer perfectly.

Birthday Guardian Angel
June 1 – 20 Ambriel
June 21 – 30 Muriel

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List of Guardian Angels by Birthdate: July to September

July Guardian Angels

The astrological signs of July are Cancer and Leo. Muriel remains the guardian of Cancer, while Verchiel becomes the guide for Leo.

Commanding Leo has the archangel Verchiel, the angel of loyalty and courage, leading the way.

Birthday Guardian Angel
July 1 – 22 Muriel
July 23 – 31 Verchiel

August Guardian Angels

For late summer August birthdays, Leo is paired with Verchiel until August 22nd. After that, Virgo’s guardian becomes Hamaliel.

Studious Virgo is guided by Hamaliel, the angel of logic and reasoning. His orderly approach suits Virgo’s meticulous nature.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Aug 1 – 22 Verchiel
Aug 23 – 31 Hamaliel

September Guardian Angels

September features two mutable signs: Virgo and Libra. Hamaliel guides Virgo while Zuriel becomes the guardian over harmony-loving Libra.

As the angel of balance and justice, Zuriel resonates with Libra’s desire for equilibrium and diplomacy.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Sept 1 – 22 Hamaliel
Sept 23 – 30 Zuriel

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List of Guardian Angels by Birthdate: October to December

October Guardian Angels

The two zodiac signs in October are Libra and Scorpio. Fair-minded Libra pairs with Zuriel. Emotional Scorpio matches with Balthiel.

Balthiel brings inner strength, courage, and decisiveness. These stoic qualities support passionate Scorpio’s intensity.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Oct 1 – 22 Zuriel
Oct 23 – 31 Balthiel

November Guardian Angels

In November, Scorpio has the steady guidance of Balthiel. Sagittarius matches with the mighty archangel Michael.

As leader of the angelic realm, Michael lends his power and protection to upbeat Sagittarius. His wisdom guides their adventurous spirit.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Nov 1 – 21 Balthiel
Nov 22 – 30 Michael

December Guardian Angels

The final month holds Capricorn and Aquarius. Sariel, angel of creativity, inspires Capricorn. Michael remains the guide for Aquarius.

Michael’s strength and enlightenment uplifts Aquarius humanitarian ideals. His leadership suits their progressive mindset.

Sariel encourages Capricorn’s ambitions with imaginative ideas and insights.

Birthday Guardian Angel
Dec 1 – 21 Sariel
Dec 22 – 31 Michael

How to Connect with your Guardian Angel

How to Connect with your Guardian Angel?

There are many ways to connect with your guardian angel and seek their celestial guidance and protection. Here are some methods:

Meditation and Prayer

  • Take time to consciously meditate on your intention to contact your guardian angel. Visualize their presence.
  • Begin a simple prayer asking your angel for help or guidance.
  • Pay attention to any sensations, thoughts or ideas that come through during meditation or prayer.
  • Regular meditation strengthens your angelic connection over time.

Interpreting Signs and Guidance

  • Ask a question and notice any signs, symbols or synchronicities that provide an answer.
  • Watch for repeating numbers or overheard phrases that seem meaningful.
  • Keep track of angelic messages in a journal to better interpret spiritual guidance.
  • Angelic protection may be sensed as warmth, lightness in the body, or feeling sheltered.

Angelic Protection and Healing

  • Call on your guardian angel in times of need. Their energy shields you from harm.
  • Ask your angel to guide healing energy to you or loved ones. Visualize divine light dissolving pain or negativity.
  • Notice lifted mood, emotional relief and resilience after requesting angelic assistance.
  • Express gratitude to deepen the connection with your dedicated guardian.

Key Takeaways on List of Guardian Angels by Birthday

  • Each birthday is linked to a guardian angel in astrology
  • Angels like Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel guide and protect those born under different zodiac signs
  • Connect through meditation, looking for signs, and asking for angelic assistance
  • Sense your angel’s presence through changes in mood, energy, and intuition
  • Guardian angels offer comfort, wisdom and remain beside you as divine supporters


The tradition of guardian angels assigned by birthdate offers spiritual comfort, connection and guidance. Learning about your angelic protector provides a sense of divine love and care. Exploring practices like meditation, prayer and sign interpretation can help foster a close relationship with your heavenly guide.

Whether you follow astrology or not, guardian angels represent the ever-present divine force that watches over all humanity. Connecting to that wise and loving energy brings peace and purpose to one’s life journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out my guardian angel based on my birthday?

Refer to the lists in this article that reveal which angel is connected to your zodiac sign. Angels like Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and others are paired with different date ranges based on astrology.

What qualities do guardian angels have?

Angels are divine spiritual beings who offer guidance, healing, wisdom, creativity, protection and more. Your guardian angel is always around you, even if you can’t see them. Their energy brings comfort, hope and reassurance.

How will I know my guardian angel is with me?

Watch for repeating signs and patterns that offer guidance, like certain numbers or overheard phrases. You may physically sense your angel’s presence through warmth, chills, or energy shifts. Your intuition and instincts will strengthen with an angelic connection.

Can my guardian angel assist me with specific issues?

Yes, you can directly ask your guardian angel for help with anything, from emotional healing to practical concerns. Angels support us through difficult times. Meditate and clearly request angelic assistance and notice the changes that unfold.

What is the best way to connect with my guardian angel?

Meditation and prayer are key to strengthening your bond with your guardian angel. Visualize their light around you. Pay attention to signs, guidance, and intuition. Express gratitude for your angel’s presence.


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