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How do I Find Out Who My Guardian Angel Is

How do I Find Out Who My Guardian Angel Is

Many people wonder if they have a guardian angel watching over them. The idea of a spiritual being who protects and guides us is comforting.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about how do i find out who m guardian angel is. We’ll cover the signs your angel is with you, ways to connect with your guardian angel, learning your angel’s name, and developing an ongoing relationship.

You’ll also learn about meeting your guardian angel through meditation and rituals for angelic protection. Discover how to recognize your guardian angel’s guidance and get support in your life’s journey.

What are Guardian Angels and Their Purpose

What are Guardian Angels and Their Purpose

Guardian angels are heavenly beings assigned by God to watch over each person during their life on Earth. They offer us guidance, comfort, and protection. Your guardian angel is always by your side, whether you’re aware of their presence or not.

Some key facts about guardian angels:

  • They are messengers and servants of God. The word “angel” means messenger in Greek.
  • Guardian angels are spiritual beings with immense power to influence the physical world.
  • They intervene at key moments to protect us from harm or steer us back on life’s proper path.
  • Your guardian angel is with you 24/7 throughout your entire life. They know you intimately.
  • You have only one guardian angel assigned specifically to you. Their job is caring for your soul.
  • Guardian angels cannot interfere with free will. But they prompt and guide when called upon.
  • Connecting and communicating with your guardian angel is possible through prayer, meditation and signs.

The ultimate purpose of guardian angels is guiding human souls toward heaven. By developing a relationship with your angel, you’ll feel supported in fulfilling your highest potential in life.

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How to find who is your Guardian Angel

How Do I Find Out Who My Guardian Angel Is?

Discovering the identity of your guardian angel is possible with some spiritual dedication and self-inquiry. Here are some of the main ways to find out who is guiding and protecting you:

Pay Attention to Signs

The first step is becoming aware of the signs your guardian angel sends to make their presence known. Notice patterns in numbers you see repeatedly, like on clocks or addresses. Finding feathers in unexpected places is another sign from above. Your angel may also send you meaningful symbols, scents, songs, or animal messengers.

Meditate and Ask

Sit in quiet meditation and sincerely ask your guardian angel to reveal themselves to you. Open yourself energetically to receive communication through thoughts, words, visions or feelings. Request signs and guidance about their identity. Spend time over several meditations focusing on this question.

Use Divination Tools

You can use divination tools like pendulums or tarot cards to ask your angel for their name. Hold a pendulum over the letters of the alphabet and ask your angel to swing it to spell out their name. Draw tarot cards asking for angelic guidance on their identity. Interpret the cards intuitively for insights.

Pay Attention to Dreams

Before going to sleep, sincerely request that your guardian angel make themselves known in your dream. Keep a journal by your bed and immediately write down any name, symbol or message you receive. Dreams are a direct channel to the angelic realm.

Trust Inner Guidance

Follow your intuition and inner guidance that surfaces as you pay closer attention. You may suddenly just know the name of your guardian angel or get the strong sense of their energetic presence. The name and essence of your angel emerges through spiritual relationship, so trust your impressions.

With patience and an open heart, your guardian angel will let you know their identity when the time is right. Continually request signs and guidance until the revelations come.

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Signs that Your Guardian Angel is With You

Signs that Your Guardian Angel is With You

How do you know your guardian angel is present? Angels frequently give signs to reassure us and signal their guidance. Here are some common signs from your angel:

Feeling Protected and Guided

  • Sudden feeling of being wrapped in angel wings when afraid
  • Sense of being nudged towards certain choices over others
  • Uplifted positive emotions such as joy, peace and hope
  • Escaping accidents unscathed
  • The right people and resources appearing in times of need

Seeing Repeating Numbers or Symbols

  • Seeing sequences like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555
  • Noticing the same numbers like 12:12 or 9:11 on clocks
  • Finding feathers in unexpected places
  • Seeing angel shapes like wings and halos
  • Encountering meaningful symbols and animals
  • Rainbow sightings after praying

Hearing Guiding Words or Phrases

  • Hearing a comforting inner voice when stressed
  • Lyrics to songs that seem directed at you
  • Overhearing someone say a phrase that answers your prayers
  • Sudden memory of a meaningful quote or Bible verse
  • Intuition about avoiding dangers like not getting on a train that later crashes

Pay attention to patterns through numbers, words, thoughts, sights and feelings as signs from your angels!

3 Ways to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

There are many effective methods for getting in touch with your guardian angel. Here are some primary ways to open the channels of communication:

Meditation and Visualization

Sit quietly and focus on your intention to contact your guardian angel. Imagine you are surrounded by divine light. Send out a mental invitation. Be open to any messages you receive whether through thoughts, feelings, visions or whispers.

Paying Attention to Signs and Guidance

Watch for those signs from your angel like repeating numbers, feathers, rainbows etc. When you spot a sign, thank your angel. Then pay attention to whether it’s guiding you towards a specific choice.

Asking for Help Out Loud

Get into the habit of speaking aloud to your guardian angel throughout the day. Ask them for help with specific issues. And tell them about concerns weighing on your mind. This builds and strengthens your connection.

Being open and receptive through prayer, meditation and observation enables your angelic guidance to become clearer over time.

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Learning Your Guardian Angel's Name

Learning Your Guardian Angel’s Name

Knowing the name of your guardian angel creates a deeper bond and helps you communicate directly. Here are some methods to learn your angel’s name:


Sit quietly and repeat your intention to know your angel’s name. Open yourself to hearing or seeing it through inner senses. The name may come instantly or later during the day.

Divination Tools like Pendulums

Hold a pendulum over a chart of alphabetical letters. Ask your angel to swing the pendulum over each letter to spell out their name for you. Pay close attention.

Dreams and Visions

Request before bed that your angel reveal their name in your dream or a waking vision. Be patient and it will come when the time is right. Write down anything you recall.

Say your angel’s name reverently to build a sense of intimate familiarity. Use the name in prayer and ritual invocation.

Meeting Your Guardian Angel

With practice, you can fully meet and interact with your guardian angel. Here are 3 in-depth techniques:

Guided Meditations

Follow recorded meditations that guide you to visualize entering Heaven, meeting your angel and speaking with them. This direct experience can feel profoundly moving.


Under hypnosis from a trained hypnotherapist, ask to meet your angel. This relaxed trance state enables vivid encounters with detailed communication.

Automatic Writing

Hold a pen to paper. Visualize your angel beside you and let them guide your hand to write messages using your energy. Keep an open and relaxed focus.

Meeting your angel fills you with divine light and brings reassurance of their watchful presence.

Developing an Ongoing Relationship

To develop a lasting relationship with your guardian angel:

Regular Meditation and Communication

Schedule regular times for prayer, meditation and journaling to communicate with your angel. This consistent practice keeps the bond strong.

Saying Thank You

Expressing gratitude to your angel reminds you of their gifts in your life. Thank them often for their protection, wisdom and unconditional love.

Asking for Help and Guidance

Don’t hesitate to ask your angel for help with difficulties, and guidance about life decisions. Clearly stating requests allows them to assist you better.

Nurturing an ongoing relationship with your guardian angel brings their luminous presence ever more into your daily experience. You’ll feel their unwavering spiritual companionship through life’s ups and downs.

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Guardian Angel Protection Rituals and Prayers

Guardian Angel Protection Rituals and Prayers

There are many rituals and prayers you can do to invoke your guardian angel’s protection and support. Here are a few ideas:

  • Light a candle while visualizing your angel wrapping you in their wings of light. Say a prayer asking for safety and guidance.
  • Create an altar with your angel’s name, feathers, flowers, and a candle. Meditate at the altar and ask them to deepen your spiritual bond.
  • Perform a ritual bath or shower. As you wash, imagine cleansing away negativity and invoking angelic light. Say your guardian angel’s name aloud.
  • Write your angel’s name on a piece of paper. Place it in a small cloth pouch with a stone or angel charm. Carry it when you need comfort and security.
  • Before going to sleep, say a prayer asking your guardian angel to protect you and send you divinely inspired dreams.
  • Recite the Prayer to the Guardian Angel or other angelic prayers to request blessings and give thanks for your angel’s presence.

Rituals focus spiritual intention and create sacred space to commune with your guardian angel.

Guardian Angels for Children and Loved Ones

Everyone is watched over by a guardian angel throughout life. You can help children and loved ones connect with their own angels:

  • Teach children to pray to their angel for protection before bed or when afraid. Help them feel the angel’s comforting presence.
  • Give new babies a guardian angel ornament, blanket or picture for their room to remind them angels are always near.
  • Talk to aging parents about their guardian angel accompanying them on life’s journey even into the afterlife. Ask their angel to ease the transition.
  • Remind a depressed friend that their guardian angel sees their struggles and will carry them through the darkness into light.
  • For a sick relative, visualize their angel enveloping them in wings of healing energy during visits, treatment or tests.
  • Light candles and say prayers invoking angels to watch over your whole family.

Sharing your knowledge of guardian angels provides spiritual support for those you care about.

Archangels as Higher Guardian Angels

For additional angelic aid, you can call upon mighty archangels to complement your guardian angel’s guidance:

  • Archangel Michael protects against fear and gives strength in facing challenges. His sword cuts away negativity.
  • Archangel Raphael oversees healing of body, mind and spirit. He eases pain and renews health.
  • Archangel Gabriel aids clarity for decision-making. His trumpet heralds important messages.
  • Archangel Uriel brings wisdom and prophetic dreams. He reveals truths and inner light.
  • Archangel Metatron cleanses and opens energy channels. He facilitates clear angelic communication.

Ask your guardian angel to join forces with specific archangels for their additional divine attributes when facing difficulties.

Guardian Angel Tattoos and Other Symbolic Connections

Many people get guardian angel tattoos or other angelic symbols to feel their angel’s presence:

  • Angel wing tattoos come in pairs on the upper back, or singly between the shoulder blades. This represents an angel embracing you from behind.
  • Guardian angel name tattoos honor the bond with your specific angel. Add feathers, halos, harps or prayer words.
  • Angel wing jewelry like necklaces and bracelets remind you of heavenly protection.
  • Angel paintings and figurines for your home provide further spiritual focus.
  • Listening to angelic music from composers like Mozart invokes feelings of divinity.
  • Keeping a journal of signs, dreams or experiences with your angel makes their guidance more concrete.

Let these creative expressions anchor your awareness of your guardian angel’s unconditional love and guidance.

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Warnings about Pretending to Be or Charge for Connecting to Guardian Angels

Warnings about Pretending to Be or Charge for Connecting to Guardian Angels

Unfortunately, some people falsely claim they can connect clients with their guardian angels – for a fee. Be wary of these scams:

  • Be suspicious of any service promising to reveal your angel’s identity for payment. This preys on the vulnerable.
  • No one can introduce you to your angel. True contact comes from your own spiritual work and grace.
  • Products sold to “summon angels” are unproven and often a waste of money. Your angel is already with you.
  • Skeptically assess anyone professing to be a medium who can bring messages from your angel. Many are simply con artists.
  • Avoid “angel experts” who share vague angel readings without specific names or messages. Insist on detailed proof.

Seek guidance only from authentic spiritual teachers who request fair energy exchange, not fixed fees.

Key Takeaways

  • Guardian angels guide and protect us through life.
  • Pay attention to signs like numbers and feathers to feel their presence.
  • Connect through prayer, meditation, rituals, and invoking angel names.
  • Learn your guardian angel’s name and ask for their guidance.
  • Develop an ongoing relationship by communicating regularly.


In this guide, we’ve explored the divine purpose of guardian angels and how to discover and communicate with your own protector and guide.

Developing an active relationship with your angel through regular prayer, meditation and noticing signs enables you to receive their blessings of inner peace, wisdom and spiritual healing.

Your angel’s unconditional love will comfort and uplift you on the path through life’s trials. Stay centered in faith and keep your heart open – your guardian angel awaits you with angel wings outstretched.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a guardian angel?

Everyone is assigned a guardian angel at birth to offer spiritual guidance and protection. Pay attention to signs like repeating numbers, finding feathers, or hearing meaningful phrases as indications your angel is near.

What does my guardian angel look like?

Angels are portrayed in many forms, but angels are spiritual beings without a fixed physical appearance. Their image appears differently to each person based on what is comforting and meaningful.

What is my guardian angel’s name?

You can meditate, use a pendulum, or request to know the name in a dream. Say the name when you pray and speak to your angel. Calling them by name creates a deeper bond.

Can my guardian angel help me?

Yes, ask your angel for help, protection or guidance with any issues. Clearly stating specific requests allows your angel to assist you better. Have faith in their desire to help you.

How do I thank my guardian angel?

Express gratitude often through prayer or thought. Light a candle, create an angel altar, or say thank you when noticing signs from your angel as appreciation for their loving presence.


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