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Ezra Name Meaning: The Captivating History of Ezra Name

Ezra Name Meaning

The captivating name Ezra has an illustrious history yet feels fresh and unique for modern children. While long overlooked, Ezra is gaining new appreciation in the 21st century as parents revive traditional monikers with powerful significance.

From its religious importance to its rising use by celebrities, Ezra is quickly reemerging as a name of great depth and appeal for boys and girls alike.

In this article we will explore Ezra name meaning, from origin to popularity, Ezra name variations, names similar to Ezra, famous people named Ezra, Ezra name day, and more.

Ezra Name Meaning

The Hebrew name Ezra has the lovely meaning of “help” or “helper”. It has biblical origins as the name of Ezra the Scribe, who authored several books of the Bible.

Ezra comes from the Hebrew word azar meaning “aid” or “assist”. The longer form of the name may have been Azaryahu, meaning “God helps”. This connects the name to the idea of being helped and supported by the divine.

As a biblical figure, Ezra was revered for his service to the Jewish people. He led a group of Jews back to Jerusalem from Babylonian exile and helped rebuild and restore the city. Ezra also enabled Judaism to strengthen itself by reintroducing the Torah to the Jewish community.

Overall, the name Ezra has a long history and significance in Judaism. It represents ideas of assistance, empathy, and dedication to others. The meaning of “helper” gives the name a gentle, compassionate feel.

Ezra Name Popularity

Ezra Name Popularity

The name Ezra has been growing in popularity since the 2000s after falling out of favor for decades. It entered the top 100 most popular boy’s names in the US in 2015 and has continued climbing to around the top 50.

While more common for boys, Ezra is also gaining traction as a girl’s name. The feminine spelling Ezri entered the top 1,000 girl’s names in 2018.

Here are the rankings for Ezra in the US from the Social Security Administration:

Year Rank for Boys Rank for Girls
2016 82 966
2017 67 894
2018 57 782
2019 51 620
2020 44 563
2021 54 491
2022 61 428
2023 70* 384*

The name’s appeal may come from its biblical roots yet uncommon familiarity. This matches larger baby name trends preferring traditional but not overly popular names with deeper meanings.

Famous people like actor Ezra Miller and musician Ezra Koenig give the name modern appeal. Its use in pop culture works like Pretty Little Liars also adds to its newfound fame.

Ezra Name Variations

There are a few different variations of the Hebrew name Ezra:

  • Azra – The feminine form of the name.
  • Esra – An alternate masculine spelling that is more common in Europe.
  • Ezrah – A spelling variation used mostly in English-speaking countries.
  • Esdras – The Greek and Latin form of the name used in the Bible.
  • Uzair – The Arabic version of the name used in the Quran.

The different forms reflect how the name has spread to various cultures and languages over centuries. However, all retain the core meaning of “help”.

Here are some other similar variations:

  • Ezri
  • Ezera
  • Ezdrin
  • Ezder
  • Ezdir
  • Ezdra

The wide range shows the name’s linguistic flexibility. The short, simple sound also lends itself to creative adaptations.

While Ezra is primarily masculine, the feminine Ezri offers a fresh, spunky option for girls. The ending gives it a playful edge.

Names Similar to Ezra

Ezra has similarities to other biblical and Hebrew names that carry deep meaning and importance. Here are some comparable names:

  • Elijah – This lyrical name means “the Lord is my God.” It has links to the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament.
  • Asher – In Hebrew, this name signifies “blessing” or “happiness.” It appears multiple times in the Bible.
  • Noah – A peaceful name meaning “rest” or “comfort.” Noah built the Ark in the Book of Genesis.
  • Oliver – This comes from the Latin for “olive tree.” It symbolizes beauty, dignity, and peace.
  • Levi – A Hebrew name meaning “joined in harmony.” Levi was the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Micah – This Biblical name signifies “who is like God?” It reflects ideas of humility and seeking truth.

These choices all have acclaimed histories and spiritual significance like Ezra. They make great complements as sibling names or alternatives.

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Famous People Named Ezra

Famous People Named Ezra

Ezra has been chosen by several high-profile figures, giving it a boost in modern popularity. Here are some famous people with the name:

  • Ezra Miller – An acclaimed American actor known for roles in Fantastic Beasts and The Flash. Miller uses they/them pronouns.
  • Ezra Koenig – The lead singer for the Grammy-nominated band Vampire Weekend. He also is a producer and radio host.
  • Ezra Klein – An American journalist who founded the news website Vox. He is known for political commentary.
  • Ezra Pound – A famous American poet who was central to the modernist movement in the early 20th century.
  • Ezra Jack Keats – An American author and illustrator acclaimed for children’s books like The Snowy Day.

Having high-profile namesakes gives Ezra an extra touch of distinctiveness. While not overly common, it’s a name people recognize.

Ezra Name Meaning in the Bible

Ezra Name Meaning in the Bible

In the Bible, Ezra was a pivotal leader who helped reestablish the Jewish people in Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. History appears in the Book of Ezra.

As a priest and scribe, Ezra was devoted to studying and teaching the Torah. When Cyrus the Great allowed the exiled Jews to return home around 538 BCE, Ezra led a group back to Jerusalem.

Once in Jerusalem, Ezra was dismayed to find many Jews had assimilated and no longer strictly observed the Torah. To rededicate the people to Judaism’s laws and traditions, Ezra read the Torah aloud to the community for seven days during the holiday of Sukkot.

This public reading galvanized a religious revival. Ezra‘s actions are credited with enabling Judaism to become firmly reestablished following the Babylonian captivity.

For these achievements, Ezra was revered as a spiritual hero and role model. His life exemplified service to God and dedication to repairing and strengthening the Jewish community and faith.

Ezra Name Meaning in Other Languages and Cultures

Ezra Name Meaning in Other Languages and Cultures

Outside of Jewish and Christian culture, Ezra has significance for Muslims as well due to the tomb located in the town of Al-Uzair, Iraq. This tomb is believed to be the burial place of the biblical Ezra and is considered holy by the local Muslim population along with Jewish pilgrims.

The name Ezra appears as Uzair in the Arabic version of the name used in the Quran. He is identified as one of the prophets of Islam. The Quran emphasizes that Ezra was not the son of God, correcting a misconception some early Muslims held.

So while Ezra is primarily a Jewish and Christian name, its inclusion in the Quran gives it shared importance as an Islamic name as well. People of all three faiths make pilgrimages to the tomb in Al-Uzair to pay their respects.

This gives the name Ezra a unifying significance, representing a biblical figure who has resonance across religious and cultural lines in the Middle East. His lasting legacy is associated with spiritual devotion and reform.

Gender Neutral Name

Traditionally a masculine Hebrew name, Ezra is gaining appeal as a gender-neutral name in the 21st century, with growing usage for girls.

The feminine spelling Ezri offers a fresh take on this ancient name. The ending -i gives it a lively, spunky edge associated with modern girls’ names.

Ezra fits current trends favoring fluid, unisex names not confined to one gender. Along with the related Ezri, it joins other popular gender-neutral names like:

  • Quinn
  • Rowan
  • Remy
  • Ellis
  • Phoenix
  • Riley

As a short, zippy name, Ezri packs a lot of punch and attitude perfect for a bold, intrepid little girl. The meaning of “help” also imbues sweet empathy and compassion.

For parents seeking an unexpected yet meaningful name, Ezra and Ezri offer the best of both – traditional origins yet thoroughly modern adaptability.

Ezra exemplifies some current emerging baby name trends:

  • Biblical – Old Testament names like Noah, Ezekiel, and Malachi are popular again.
  • Vintage – Classic names are back with modern parents.
  • Short – Brief names allow for versatile nicknames.
  • Meaningful – Parents want depth and significance.
  • Uncommon – Distinctive names are prized over super-common ones.

Here are examples of other rising names that follow similar trends:

  • Boys – Asher, Levi, Amos, Jonas, Abram
  • Girls – Esther, Ruth, Maeve, Iris, Alice

Like these choices, Ezra has layered history as a biblical name, but still feels fresh and unexpected. Its comeback links parents to faith traditions while offering their child a unique identity.

Short Baby Name

As a short four-letter name ending in –a, Ezra offers fun nickname potential.

Possible nicknames include:

  • Ez
  • Rae
  • Razi
  • Ezri
  • Ra

The name’s brevity allows flexibility for creative derivatives. Ezra’s zippy sound also lends itself to lively, casual nicknames.

For a boy, Ez has a laidback vibe. For a girl, Rae is a common – sounding nickname but with Ezra’s twist.

Ezra would also work well as a nickname itself, shortening longer names like Ezekiel, Esmeralda, or Azariah. This allows the beauty of the name to stand alone when a child prefers.

The wide options make Ezra a name with versatility – it can stand on its own or pair with a variety of nicknames to express different moods and settings. The brevity empowers personalization.

Virgo Zodiac Name

Virgo Zodiac Name

Ezra is associated astrologically with the zodiac sign of Virgo. The meaning of the name connects well with Virgo traits.

As helpers committed to fixing problems, Virgos often serve others before themselves. They have discerning minds geared toward improvement.

Like dutiful Virgos, the biblical Ezra worked steadily to educate people in the Torah and restore Jerusalem to glory after years of turmoil. His example epitomizes Virgo ideals of using knowledge and critical thinking ethically.

Ezra also matches these signature Virgo attributes:

  • Helpful
  • Analytical
  • Modest
  • Caring
  • Diligent

So for parents interested in astrology, Ezra makes a meaningful match for a Virgo baby. It aligns nicely with the sign’s conscientious, nurturing life purpose.

Hebrew Name Meaning

The Hebrew name Ezra derives from the word azar meaning “help.”

In its longer form Azaryahu, it signifies “God helps.” This associates the name with divine aid, protection, and guidance.

Naming a child Ezra expresses hope they will be helped and supported throughout their life journey. It asks for empowerment from spiritual forces to face adversity.

The name also signifies a person committed to helping others. Just as the biblical Ezra strengthened the Jewish society, the name indicates one who builds people up through service.

So the core meaning of “helper” makes this an uplifting name choice emphasizing care for humanity. It represents acting with empathy and compassion to serve a greater good.

Literary Name

Ezra appears in popular culture occasionally as a literary name, including:

  • A character called Ezra Fitz in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars
  • Mentioned in the memoir A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
  • The 2009 novel Ezra Pound: Poet: A Portrait of the Man and his Work

It also inspired the name of indie folk band Ezra Furman and the Harpoons.

While not yet hugely common in pop culture, these references give Ezra a hip, intellectual resonance. It feels bookish and erudite while still having a youthful edge thanks to Pretty Little Liars.

As the name continues rising in popularity, we may see more Ezras in movies, TV, books, and music. For now, it maintains an offbeat, unexpected vibe despite its ancient pedigree.

Ezra Name Days

Some names have traditional name days associated with them based on Catholic saints they share a name with.

For Ezra, the designated name day is July 13. This aligns with the feast day of St. Ezra, a martyr killed in the 9th century for sheltering fellow Christians.

Name days originated as part of the Medieval Christian calendar as holy days to honor saints who served as namesakes and patrons for children. Certain regions like Scandinavia still observe name days.

While name days are less common today, they can hold sentimental value for families who want to celebrate their child’s given name and associate it with traditional faith practices. Marking a name day is one way to instill heritage.

For Ezra, July 13 offers a fixed date to recognize the beauty and meaning behind the name each year. Name days link children to ancestors who carried the same name stretching back through generations.

Ezra Religious Name

Ezra Religious Name

With its origins in Judaism and inclusion in the Bible and Quran, Ezra is primarily considered a Jewish and Muslim name though also used by Christians.

The biblical priest Ezra played a central role in reconstituting Judaism following the Babylonian exile. He helped save and strengthen Jewish culture and religion in a time of upheaval.

So the name holds great significance for Jews as belonging to a crucial historical leader. It honors persistent faith and tradition.

For Muslims, Ezra appears as a prophet in the Quran. He is revered at the holy tomb site in the town of Al-Uzair located in modern-day Iraq.

While less common among Christians, Ezra‘s presence in the Old Testament gives it importance as a biblical figure who helped carry Jewish traditions forward.

Across these faiths, Ezra signifies devotion to monotheistic beliefs and preserving cherished spiritual practices to uplift communities.

Key Takeaways on Ezra Name Meaning

  • The name Ezra has Hebrew origins and means “help” or “helper”
  • It’s a biblical name belonging to Ezra the Scribe who authored books of the Bible
  • Ezra has risen in popularity as a baby name in recent years for both boys and girls
  • Famous bearers include Ezra Miller, Ezra Koenig, and Ezra Klein
  • The name has variations like Esra and Uzair and is similar to other Hebrew names like Elijah


Tracing back thousands of years, the venerable name Ezra proudly carries on its exalted biblical heritage while adapting as a gender-neutral choice suited to our times. With international name days and spellings, its popularity spans cultures.

But at its core, this storied moniker retains a simple elegance and places value on helping others. So whether shorted to Ez or stretched into Ezri, each generation rediscovers the beauty in Ezra. A name endowed in spiritual tradition, it is sure to continue blessing children for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Ezra mean?

The name Ezra comes from ancient Hebrew and means “help” or “helper.” It is associated with the biblical priest Ezra who led the Jews back to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon.

Is Ezra a boy or girl name?

Historically Ezra is a boy’s name, but recently it has become popular for girls as well. The feminine spelling Ezri is also used.

What other names are similar to Ezra?

Ezra fits with other Hebrew and biblical names like Elijah, Micah, Levi, and Asher. It has an old-fashioned charm like Oliver or Abraham.

Who are famous people named Ezra?

Notable Ezras include actor Ezra Miller, musician Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, author Ezra Jack Keats, and poet Ezra Pound.

What is the name day for Ezra?

The traditional name day associated with Ezra is July 13, for the Catholic saint who bore the name. Name days originated to honor saints linked to a child’s given name.


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