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Seattle Works Day is This Saturday

19 May

Be one of 1,500 people supporting Seattle Works, working together at volunteer projects throughout the city and then celebrating with a party at Seattle Center!

If you haven’t ever participated in Seattle Works Day or another Seattle Works project, you’re really missing out. This organization fosters volunteer participation in events from service projects to classes to conversations. And it’s a great community for young people to get involved and meet people with common interests: cleaning up and taking care of our community.

Volunteers will spend a small potion of their day either diggin’ in at parks, schools and community spaces all over the city from noon – 3.30.

Seattle Works involves young professionals interested in developing their networks, skills and leadership. In 2010, Seattle Works volunteers completed over 500 projects at 143 partner

Seattle Works is still accepting registrations from teams and individual volunteers. Visit seattleworks.org or contact Kathleen Weber at (206) 324-0808 or kathleen [at] seattleworks.org to learn how to get involved.

Everybody Loves a Work Party!

28 Oct

After the hullaballoo of Halloween has passed us and we take a moment to start raking up the fallen Autumn leaves on our streets and yards, keep in mind spring and new leaves really are just around the corner. Next Saturday, November 6 from 10am-2pm, the Seattle Green Partnership is asking for your volunteer hours to help bolster the life of your neighborhood park for Green Seattle Day 2010.

Work parties will be held at 14 of Seattle’s parks and will kick off the partnership’s planting season and celebration of neighborhood parks and committed neighbors. Once you’ve decided which park you’d like to volunteer at, be sure to register you, your neighbors and your family here. Registering will ensure that each site has enough food, tools and materials for everyone!

According to Seattle Green Partnership, Seattle is at risk of losing 70 percent of its forests in just 20 years. Events like Green Seattle day help reverse this trend by cleaning up, planting native trees and shrubs in a park near you to restore 2,500 acres by 2025. To do this, thousands of volunteers are needed. Below is a list of parks that will be participating.

Parks with Green Seattle Day Work Parties

  • Camp Long (South Hub)
  • Woodland Park (North Hub)
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lewis Park
  • West Duwamish Greenbelt-CLOSED
  • Carkeek Park
  • Seward Park
  • Warren G. Magnuson Park
  • St. Marks Greenbelt
  • Discovery Park
  • Cheasty Greenspace
  • Kiwanis Ravine
  • Maple School Ravine Leschi Overlook
  • Delridge Natural Area-CLOSED
  • Interlaken/Boren Park-CLOSED
  • Madrona Woods-CLOSED
  • South Portage Bay-CLOSED
  • Golden Gardens-CLOSED
  • Kinnear Park- CLOSED

You Can't Change the World, But You Can Make a Dent

27 Sep

You know, I truly don’t understand how Death to Smoochy (the movie from which the above title is taken) bombed at the box office.  It had Edward Norton, it had Robin Williams, it had Danny Devito.  It had Jon Stewart!  And it was a dark, hilarious take on the dirty dealings that occur behind the scenes of kiddie shows – how do you not love that?  Although, I will admit, the very first time I viewed the opening scene, my brother took one look at my face and burst out laughing.

Edward Norton's impersonation of a kid-friendly rhino.

“There is this look of horror on your face,” he’d managed through all the chuckles.  “It’s – yeah, you look – just keep watching!”

Well, I did, and it was good!  Not in the least because the I rather took the above quote from Edward Norton to heart and, as a result, someone called me beautiful today – because of what I did, not just what I look like (that’s what makes this different from any other day, of course).

I volunteer at the Seattle Public Library – mostly because I love books, and I love libraries, and I like doing something for the community.  Well, also because if I didn’t have something that I had to do on Sundays, I’d probably spend the whole day in my pajamas and not do anything, ever.  I’m a welcome desk volunteer, which means interacting with library patrons, pretty much constantly, throughout my shift.  The nice thing about this is that you get to know regulars, by face, if not by name.  And one of them made a point to come up to me today and say (dudes, he really said this), “If it were possible to be proud of someone you don’t really know, then I would be proud of you.  You work five days a week, you volunteer here, and you are so amazing.  I wish there were more people like you, you make this world a more beautiful place.”


Since that little compliment made my week, I’d like to share some volunteer opportunities with you in order that you, too, may experience the loveliness of a compliment that makes you feel like Wonder Woman (or, possibly, He-Man…Master of the Universe!).  Seattle is apparently rife with organizations that are glad to take advantage of a willing, however unpaid, workforce.

Seattle Works:  I actually heard about Seattle Works through another friend. You might think of Seattle Works as a match.com for volunteers and available gigs.  Seattle Works is a one-stop shop where you can choose between one-time commitments and monthly service projects that allow you to work with the same team of individuals each time.  You don’t have to already have a team in place in order to volunteer on a monthly basis – you can choose from an existing team, each of which posts a description of who they are and what they’re about (and whether they hit happy hour once the volunteer work is done).  Seattle Works teams with many different community organizations, so you have a wide breadth from which to choose – some upcoming projects include helping out at the Braille Library (ha!  did you know we have one of those?), working with Ballard Sustainable against climate change, and assisting the Annunaki Project with the production of a Halloween dessert show.

Seattle Children’s Hospital: That’s right.  You go help children.  How can you say no to that?  Even if you hate children.  Seattle Children’s offers you the opportunity to work directly with patients, to have limited patient contact, or no patient contact at all.  You can go help out and never even have to worry about coming into contact with people who have been forced into those awful open-back hospital gowns.

Seattle Art Museum: If you have an interest in art – whether viewing or creating it – surely getting yourself some free admission to our downtown art museum is right up there on your list of priorities.  At the moment, they are looking for people to help in the children’s art studio, hosts for their special events, art-lovers who’d like to assist patrons with the Picasso Exhibit, and friendly people to attend to visitors.  Really, as of today, they are looking for people to fill those positions, so if any of those appeal, I’d go here to apply.

I’m still trying to figure out how you can volunteer to assist the Seattle Sounders be even more awesome (triumph over Chicago this past weekend, wooOOOooo).  No luck yet, but when I find out, I will apply and do everything in my power to ensure that you aren’t my competition.  And, on the subject of the awesomeness of our trophy-winning soccer team – even THEY take the time out of their immensely busy schedules to volunteer.  They’ve been busy in the last two weeks traveling 18,000 miles to play several games in two different leagues, so they haven’t been on any service projects lately.  But see below some of the things they’ve done before in their spare time.

James Riley coaches a Washington Special Olympics soccer team.

photo courtesy of Soundersfc.com

Steve Zakuani launched his nonprofit organization, Kingdom Hope just this last month, providing scholarships, camps, and opportunities for children to build character through soccer.

Seattle Sounders FC are still sponsoring the Nothing but Nets campaign, where you donate $30 and save a family in a malaria-stricken region from contracting that debilitating disease.  Last year, Seattle Sounders fans donated $20,000 to the campaign; goal this year is $50,000.

And, finally, I included this video because it features a couple of my favorite Sounders – Taylor Graham and Nate Jaqua – doing something wonderful off the field.  I’m the first to admit it’s old news, but it’s heartwarming, all the same.  My gift to you.  Happy Monday!

Help the animals, Help yourself

5 May

Happy Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Drinko as I like to say)! If you need a list of fun things to do, check out our very own Melissa’s list from last Friday (Cinco de Mayo Seattle-style).

What I’d like to talk to you about today is volunteering for the Seattle Humane Society. Do you have lots of down time during the day or on the weekends? Like to groom, walk or socialize animals? Like to take pictures and write catchy bios? Interested in becoming a vet and want to get a taste as an assistant? Want to be a public advocate and attend local events? Seriously, you’ll find something you will love to do at the shelter. Give a little time and I promise the animals will reward you. Check the Seattle Humane Society website for a full list of ways to get involved.

The Seattle Humane Society is completely funded by private donations. It is also a no-kill shelter which means all animals that come in are given as long as it takes to find a home, regardless of age, beauty, or infirmity. It is not associated with the King County Shelter in Kent.

Volunteering gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, not to mention the wonderful sense of community. Animals in shelters are all innocent victims, and every single one deserves love, attention, food and shelter… at the risk of sounding too much like Sarah MacLachlan, they need you now more than ever! With King County moving to cut/eliminate the budget for tax-funded shelters, places like the Seattle Humane Society are becoming more strapped for cash and space. Current proposal for handling animal services can be found here.

So can you help? I just attended my first volunteer orientation meeting last night! I’m pumped and ready to get involved. If you need help getting started, email me at jeanine at bellesofthesound dot com, and I’ll help you. Let’s do it together!

8 Reasons YOU Should be at Twestival Seattle on Thursday

24 Mar

Everyone does top 10 lists, they are so last season! Or something like that. So I’ll be different and give you my top 8 list.

This Thursday is the third Twestival Seattle. As a volunteer coordinator, I want to let everyone know about this fantastic event. What is Twestival Seattle? It is a Twitter festival that uses social media for social good. Previous Twestival Seattle events raised over $11,000 for the global cause Charity:Water and the local charity YouthCare. On March 25th, Twestival events will be held around the globe to raise money for Concern Worldwide.

But why should YOU be there?

1) Check out a cool aerial show!

Twestival Seattle is being held at Emerald City Trapeze, so this won’t be the same old tweetup! Attendees will have a chance to see an amazing aerial show by some of the best performers in the northwest. Do you want to fly through the air with the greatest of ease? 60 lucky people will get a chance to take a swing or two and you could be one of them if you email Shauna Causey.

2) Hang out in a cool venue!

Most social media networking events in Seattle sell out, which means they are PACKED! While it is terrific that Seattle has such an active community, most venues just can’t handle the crowd. Emerald City Trapeze is different. It is a two-level building with lots of open space and a fun, funky character. You won’t have to worry about being packed in like sardines at Twestival Seattle!

3) Enjoy some drinks!

Twestival Seattle’s fantastic drink sponsors Fremont Brewing Company, The Magnificent Wine Co. and Hansen Beverage Company will be providing tasty beer, wine and soda!

4) Have some food!

Elegant Gourmet Catering will be supplying all guests with delicious food while they mix and mingle.

5) Enter the raffle to win cool prizes!

Wonderful local Seattle businesses have donated all kinds of cool items that you could win! With just a $5 ticket (or 5 for $20), you could win one of many prizes including hotel stays, dinners, a karaoke party, handmade jewelry, a month of boot camp, a massage, and much more!

6) Meet some of the most awesome folks in Seattle!

The social media and tech community in Seattle is full of incredible people! You might be friends on Facebook, talk with them on Twitter or read their blogs, but it’s time to come out from behind the computer. Come meet, or reconnect, these friendly people in real life!

7) Network with influencers and decision makers!

Some of you might be looking for a job, just like I was a few months ago. Events like Twestival Seattle are fantastic opportunities to network with some of the most influential people in Seattle. Networking helped me get my job, and it could help you, too!

8) Do something good!

Beyond the drinks, food, fun and swag… this event is about raising money for an outstanding cause, Concern Worldwide. Your contributions through registration and raffle tickets will help Concern Worldwide provide education to children in the poorest countries on the globe. By having an entertaining night, you could help make a brighter future for a child. Really, what better reason do you need?

So register now, before this incredible event sells out!


Karianne is our first official guest Belle! She is a social media rockstar in Seattle, and can be found at @Karianne.