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Fashion Friday: The Basics

25 May

Its easy to stray from the tried and true with so many distractions suggesting otherwise You cant walk the streets these days without running into a pair of colored denim, flip thru a glossy fashion magazine without stumbling on a myriad of floral prints, or watch a television show without seeing a pop (or more) of neon.  Hows a gal supposed to know what really works for her figure while staying on-trend?  It all comes back to the basics, of course. 

From top left: Theory blazer with Chanel pin, J Crew silk blouse, J Brand jeans and Forever 21 skirt with Hyde studded belt

Heres my list of must-haves for ALL women, and some suggested fashionista-worthy extras to inject into your everyday ensembles for a fool-proof look:

  • Perfectly tailored blazer FIT is key when it comes to structured pieces.  Make BFFs with your tailor and be sure the sleeves hit just barely below the wrists and the length flatters your figure and body type

o Punch it up with a broach or flower pin

  • Button-up collared shirt The ultimate in versatility, this can be worn alone or layered, cuffed or scrunched, collar up or down (who says you cant pop your collar) see where Im going with this??

o Try a bold hue or sheer version to take this basic up a notch

  • Slim trousers or denim A straight leg looks good on every shape and is the perfect canvas for all the extras.  Look for clean lines, high-quality fabrics and tonal stitching with denim for best results

o Do try a higher rise or cropped leg for seasonal updates

  • A-Line Skirts vary the length depending on your height and tuck in a scoop neck tee for a simple and stylish go-to outfit

o Get creative with textures, patterns and weights

Once you have these essentials in your closet, venture into the trendy world as you please, just anchor the look with one of these basics and you will be turning heads in no time.

Stay tuned and stay stylish.