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Belles’ Man on the Street: Healthy Seattle Outings

13 Jun

Check out the latest in our series, “Belles Man on the Street,” featuring the experiences of new-Seattleite Henry Fitzgerald.

If moving from one side of town to the other can cause headaches, imagine the effort it takes to move across the country. And even more challenges arise when the city you’re moving to is the exact opposite in climate, scenery and attitude from what you’re used to.

I moved from Tampa to Seattle, and it was a giant leap for me to leave a tropical climate for a city with a substantial rainy season – some joke the rainy season never ends. For an outdoor health enthusiast like myself, I thought finding activities in Seattle to replace miles of sugar-white sandy beach for jogging or parasailing would be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are plenty of other options available here.

With Seattle’s landscape of scenic mountain ranges, intriguing rivers and lush forests and parks, finding healthy outings is only a matter of taking the time to explore the area and all the interesting places Seattle has to offer new residents. (more…)

Chowder To Die For!

11 Jul

You want a chance at the best seafood in Seattle? It’s hard, I know.  Seattle is a veritable font of amazing seafood.

But, in my esteemed opinion, if you want the best of the best, in the chowder category, you head to Duke’s Chowder House.

Not only is the place award winning, but there are six convenient locations to try. Personally, Green Lake Duke’s is my favorite. I love being able to sit outside on a nice day. Those days are so few and far between, that it’s great to appreciate them fully. It’s right across from the wading pool, so if it rained during the day, but cleared up in time for dinner, you can see all the kiddies and dogs playing around.

While I have tried other items on the menu (and they were good), the chowder is the reason for heading over there. They make five different kinds, and if you’ve never been, I highly recommend the sampler so you can try them all at once.  While a couple of them turned out to be beyond my liking, it was great to try something different.

Two of the chowders – the Lobster Pernod and the Award Winning – are simply the best. The lobster is sweet, and I didn’t think I liked it after the first bite, but each bite I took made it more and more addicting. The Award Winning chowder is undefeated in the Seattle chowder cook-off. It’s more than simply addicting. It’s a revelation. Get it in a bread bowl, and I promise you’ll never want to order another thing on the menu.

If you’re in the mood for a place to enjoy an interesting cocktail (or “Duketail”), Duke’s has you covered there, too. Either of the lemon drops are fantastic, but I love the Pom Kazi, and have heard good things about the cucumber mojito. A local favorite also includes an Alki Julep.

Whether you’d like a cocktail out on the deck, or chowder so amazing you’ll never forget it (and always be comparing it to other, lesser chowders), head over to any of Duke’s locations (but you should hit up my preferred restaurant) and prepare to enjoy yourself immensely.

Water fun activities in Seattle

8 Jun

I happen to have a stellar view of South Lake Union from my apartment on Eastlake.  I’m not just talking good… I’m talking panoramic, picturesque, I-can-see-the-space-needle-and-Gasworks-Park-all-in-one-shot kind of view.  Not to brag or anything!  In fact, the reason I’m bringing this up is because I will be moving soon, so lately I have found myself on an idle sunny afternoon watching the sailboats on the lake, and realizing that I will not have this gorgeous view for much longer.

This made me a little depressed for a moment, but then the beautiful view suddenly reminded me of the many childhood summers I spent on Lake Union kayaking.  So I thought I would share.

Kayakers on Lake Union

Kayaking on Lake Union is a great summer pass time activity.   There are a lot of cool places to go on the water, and you get a completely different perspective of the city that way.

Another great summer pasttime is spending an afternoon on the water at Green Lake. In addition to kayaking, they offer pedal boating, canoeing, row boating, and stand up paddle boarding. So get out there and take advantage! And, bring on the sun! 😉

Well, That's a Horse of a Different Color…

17 Jan

I’m Tracy, the resident movie maven of the Belles. I’ll be dropping a lot of movie references in my posts (please tell me you just got the Emerald City reference), so it’s best to get used to it right off the bat! Much of what I’ll be covering in my Seattle section will relate to venues in which to experience theatrics or cinematic adventures.

I was lucky enough to see some great movies over the holiday break, but I’m glad I’m back because my hometown doesn’t have Avatar in 3-D IMAX! I expect to see a lot more movies in the upcoming weeks, as well, but Avatar again especially.

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle, outside of film, is participating in Jillian’s trivia with my good friends. We aren’t a particularly stellar team, but I just love having a day of the week where I have drinks with friends and make some spectacularly awful (or genius, depending on who you ask) guesses.

I also love to hit up bookstores for random events like midnight release parties (the Barnes & Noble in University Village does them up right, and they have a slamming film score section), readings and signings. Last year, I got to meet my favorite blogger, Heather Armstrong, at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park!

I don’t have huge plans for my birthday (which is in February), but I’m going to be doing some research on cool events, and will be certain to cover it. I’m really excited for Emerald City ComiCon this year, mainly because I’ve never been. I always get pumped for SIFF, and will be more involved than ever. I’ll be volunteering for events that raise money for SIFF like the Hop Scotch Beer Festival and Oktoberfest throughout the year.

I’ll be trying out kayaking this summer, but will probably sign up at Green Lake, because I’m far too novice for the open ocean. I used to take ballet, and want to branch out a little, so I’m trying to convince a friend to take a jazz or contemporary class with me.

I’m a whole lot of random, but the largest chunk by far is film, so I’ll be playing to my strength. How do you spell Fired Up?  F! U! Everything’s shiny. Don’t worry, this isn’t Lord of the Rings. I’m not going to end this 17 times. (Quote count? 4.)