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» 5 Reasons to Love Seattle Weather

5 Reasons to Love Seattle Weather

5 Jun

Seattle rain

Photo by Melanie Connor for The New York Times

I’m baaaaack. Did you miss me? I sure missed you! Sorry to have been away so long. I have been doing lots of traveling for work and fun, but now I’m back in Seattle and ready to write about stuff. First on the agenda: reasons why we should love Seattle weather. Now, hear me out. I know we’re in the middle of a pretty dreary seven-day forecast, but I’m about to show you the silver lining. Five silver linings, in fact. Much of traveling was spent in destinations known for their sunshine, and you know what? I decided I’ll take Seattle weather any day. Constant sunshine is overrated. And you can quote me on that. Here are five musings that will hopefully bring you over to the Dark Side. (Get it? Dark Side as opposed to Bright Side… Clouds instead of sun… Sigh. I know, it was a stretch. I’m a little rusty.)

5. Places where it’s sunny all the time are brown. Places where it rains a lot are green. Green is a prettier color than brown.

4. We appreciate our nice weather and we can tough it out in the not-so-nice weather. The entire west side of the state runs outside at the first sign of blue sky, but the recreation sports leagues, Greenlake walkers and bike riders are still rocking when it’s windy and drizzling. We’re all-weather, all-terrain people. The sun-spoiled pansies down in Southern California take the sunshine for granted and cower inside when a dark cloud rolls through. I like to think their conversations go something like this:

Sunny Day: “Hey man, what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, dude, we could go to the beach.” “Eh, I don’t know, it’s not that nice out. Only 75 degrees. Let’s wait for a better day.” “Word.”

Yucky Day: “Hey man, what do you want to do today?” “Nothing, it’s raining and I don’t want to melt.” “Woooord.”

3. Can you imagine leaving a hot yoga studio and walking into the blazing Texas sun? Just think about that for a minute. From hot, sweaty studio to hot air, hot pavement, hot car, hot apartment… gggugghhh. I’ll take the refreshing Seattle mist, please and thank you.

2. The following is the 2012 list of the 10 fattest states in America in descending order. Michigan, Arkansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi. Can anyone tell me what 8ish of these 10 states have in common? The answer is hot and humid weather. And I’m no scientist, but I think this evidence ‘proves’ that if a state has hot and humid weather, the people that live there are fat. Ergo, we the people of Seattle, have the rain and fog to thank for our flat abs and tight asses. Take a minute, look up and thank a cloud for how fabulous you look.

1. This might be a selfish reason, but the number one reason I love Seattle weather is its compatibility with pale people. Pale people thrive in Seattle. Often prone to sun burn, heat stroke and glow-in-the-dark-legs syndrome, those of us with alabaster-like complexions seek the shelter of clouds, shade and mist. Seattle is our safe playground. And while the golden brown Summer Sun Babies get depressed come October as their tans begin to fade, we stay chipper because you can’t miss what you never had!

Can you think of any more reasons to love Seattle weather? If so, share them in the comments and if they’re extra good I’ll add them to this post!

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