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» Belles’ Man on the Street: Best Sustainable Local Restaurants in Seattle

Belles’ Man on the Street: Best Sustainable Local Restaurants in Seattle

2 May

Another great post in our “Belles’ Man on the Street series” by local Seattleite, Henry Fitzgerald.

Over the years, I’ve developed a taste for healthy foods I never thought possible, including brown rice, squash and raw vegetable juices. I make a mean eggplant dish that even my momma loves. But after a long day, I’m just not interested in making it, or anything else, myself. I can’t manage the effort to find the olive oil, marinara sauce and cheese. Sad, huh? On my nights, with a craving for pizza and no pizza equipment in sight, I seek out the best eco-friendly establishments I can find. My local favorites never let me down.

My Favorites:

  • Z Pizza (Capitol Hill, 1620 Broadway Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122, (206) 432-9158)

The Z Pizza menu offers fantastic gluten-free and vegan options. Their roasted eggplant is made fresh in-house. My friends and I appreciate that they use select ingredients including certified organic tomato sauce and fresh produce. This inexpensive option makes a great lunch or dinner when you really need it fast and you can even order on-line. Go in to enjoy their happy hour pricing on beer and wine.

During the summer, when I want a seasonal soup, I know where to go. The TASTE Café serves their soups with fresh baked focaccia bread. If you’re looking for packaged local and organic snacks, this is a great quick stop. It’s awesome that all of the packaging is biodegradable. Their commitment to composting helps us all sustain the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, investing in local farms helps promote the environment and build the community.

When I’m looking for something a little fancier, I head over to the Stumbling Goat Bistro with a group of friends. The menu changes seasonally. And, I like that the menu changes according to what is regionally available. For me, coming here is a treat, giving me a chance to support my local community and sustainable businesses. Their pan-roasted organic chicken with roasted oyster mushrooms and garlic confit is a crowd pleaser. For dessert, try the blackberry pear tart.

Other Options
Other places I frequent include the Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club, a waterfront restaurant featuring eco-friendly Mexican dishes, promoting good health and sustainable resources. I also enjoy the Chaco Canyon Organic Café, when I dine with friends with food allergies. They offer raw and vegan menu options. Molly’s Salads provides a great lunch option. They too support local farmers by purchasing their products nearby. The great part is that these places help promote the farms that provide their produce so when I have the time, I can go myself and can buy my own vegetables and cook. That’s the plan anyway!

My Pledge

My commitment to visit restaurants that serve environmentally-friendly foods is easy in Seattle because so many restaurants are dedicated to providing their customers with healthy options that also allow them to invest in local and sustainable food sources. Supporting these businesses on a regular basis keeps prices down for everyone. When you patronize local establishments, you enable them to participate in outreach programs, including school and community events to promote awareness about the importance of sustainable farming. I like knowing where my food comes from, don’t you? Get out and try some of the best sustainable local restaurants in Seattle and you won’t regret it!

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