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» Seattle Fireworks, Seattle Fashion

Seattle Fireworks, Seattle Fashion

5 Jul

Photo via CBS Seattle

The stars aligned this Fourth of July in Seattle. The weather was gorgeous, the sky was clear and the fireworks were AMAZING! My favorite fireworks were the gold and white Weeping Willows that lingered in the air, slowly fading, looking like glitter in the sky. *happy sigh*

In other news, I will be out of town next week in Cape Cod with the family, working on my sunburn and repeatedly answering the ever annoying question, “Does it really rain in Seattle every day?” *sad sigh* But never fear, the Tuesday Seattle Belles post will not be empty! My good friend Anna, the fashion  blogger behind  What Are You Wearing?, will be filling in for me with some expert Seattle Summer fashion advice. Trust me, this girl knows what she’s talking about. She is the only person I know fashionable enough to wear denim on denim AND make it look good. If that doesn’t garner some serious fashion street cred, I don’t know what will. Be sure to check in next week for her guest post!

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