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» Teatro ZinZanni: Dinner vs. Late Night

Teatro ZinZanni: Dinner vs. Late Night

22 Jan

So, if you’ve been reading us here at Belles of the Sound for a while you may have seen this topic covered some time ago by both Tracy (Love, Chaos and Dinner) and Melissa (Love, Chaos and Dinner Part Deux) and you may be thinking that it’s been done.  Then again, you may have never read this blog before and hove no idea who or what I’m talking about.  To both groups I hope I have some new things to offer.

Les Petits Frères (Photo Courtesy http://dreams.zinzanni.org)

First, Teatro ZinZanni has different shows running at different times of year.  It isn’t just the same thing over and over again.  So if you have seen one you haven’t seen them all.  I recently checked out two very different ZinZanni offerings.  First my boyfriend and I and partook in the full-fledged dinner extravaganza of their most recent show Hearts on Fire (Still running until  January 23!) which was a celebration of love in many forms (some more ridiculous than others).  There were great musical contributions from disco performer Thelma

Houston and opera singer Rachel DeShon.  Also comedienne Christine Deaver was hysterical especially when choosing members of the audience (mostly male) to publicly humiliate.   The most impressive display of seemingly impossible physical feats came from Les Petits Frères and their amazing tumbling skills.  I can barely walk down the stairs without tripping over my own feet so I’m always all the more impressed by people who really have control over their bodies.  I’m pretty sure if I fell off a ladder from great heights it would only end in a trip to the emergency room, not gasps of wonderment and furious applause.  That’s why I’m not the acrobat.  Well, that’s one reason.  Anyway, it was funny and fun and all and all a great evening.

On a separate evening we visited Teatro ZinZanni’s late night offering Mezzo Lunatico.  This show only runs 2 hours and costs $25 (with a two drink minimum mind you).  While there were some great performances and an interesting mix it certainly lacks the production value and overall epic feel of the dinner show.  It’s a little display of some of the raunchier bits of dance and song and other (In our show this was provided mostly by male burlesque artist Waxie Moon.  We definitely saw the full Moon (sorry, I couldn’t resist))  It was fun but felt pretty thrown together and some performers were definitely better than others.

All in all I’d say if you have to choose one definitely go big.  The whole dinner and show is really worth the price of admission.  Otherwise, the Mezzo Lunatico was fun and that show also changes every month (The next one is Feb. 19) so you never know what you’re going to get.  Either way you go under their 100 year old Speigeltent you are sure to have a unique and entertaining experience.

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