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» Dance Inside…for FREE!

Dance Inside…for FREE!

28 Mar

The title to a great All-American Rejects song, as well as a perfect all-encompassing definition of life beyond this post, as well.

Velocity Dance Center had a major move. Not major in the sense that things were awful or cramped in the past and are now simply amazing, just that Velocity outgrew the necessary space and happened to find a hip, new place on Capitol Hill.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Velocity threw a parade and Three Ring Circus Party to celebrate. There are three studios in the new place (get it? Three rings?), and each had a different feel for the party.

The largest and most-open housed a really amazing dance party. It was illuminating to see so many people being so free with their bodies, content to move for the sake of loving dance. Everyone simply enjoying the act of creation – from the age of 3 to the age of 63 – had a great time moving.

Following the Big Top theme, there was a face painter, a caricaturist, peanuts and popcorn. NO one was shy about having crazy glitter all over themselves, and most people gave in to the face paint (including myself, pictured to the right below).

A couple of dance acts broke up the evening (y’all were AMAZING), and everything ended with Airpocalypse – a band that plays air-instruments. The set started with Final Countdown, then moved on to Rock You Like A Hurricane, My Sherona, Rebel Yell, and Paradise City before ending on O, Fortuna. It was the performance of a lifetime!

If you missed the party, no worries. Velocity is offering FREE (can I say this enough?! FREE FREE FREE!!!) classes all this week.

If you’ve ever been remotely interested in modern, ballet, yoga, hip-hop, African or Indian, then you should check out Velocity this week. You’ll probably see me there, as the party was a wonderful introduction into the dance world.

The brilliant folks at The Adventure School were responsible for the event, and I must say that if they are in charge of any free events in the future, I will most certainly attend.

It was a good time, a work of art, a chance for expression, a ribbon-cutting, a first-time, an education and a wonderful Saturday night on Capitol Hill.

Hope to see you in class!

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