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11 Jun

Thanks for stopping by. The Belles’ are currently taking a hiatus from the blog to reevaluate and strategize on plans to make this a bigger and better resource for the Seattle area! We really appreciate everyone’s support and patience during this time, and look forward to reengaging with you all later this year. In the meantime, please direct any questions to Jeanine.


The Belles

Just for fun: Petit Elefant

30 Apr




I mean, c’mon. That little elephant is out of this world cute. If this doesn’t put a little pep in your step, I don’t know what will!

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Laughs Comedy Club – “Uncle Joey”

25 Apr

Full House legend, “Uncle Joey,” …er David Coulier is in Kirkland with his stand up act beginning tonight and running through Saturday (two shows).

Thursday, April 25th @ 8:30pm

Friday, April 26th @ 8pm and 10pm

Saturday, April 27th @ 8pm and 10pm

Doors open at 6:30pm for the 8pm show and 9:45 for the 10pm show. Seating is 1st come and 1st serve (general admission). Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door. 8pm and 8:30pm shows are 18 years of age and older the 10pm show is 21 years of ago and older. There is a two item minimum menu purchase.

Dave’s story is a refreshing one for Hollywood – nice guys can finish first. As an actor, comedian, and voice-over artist, his many talents are much in demand. Dave is perhaps best known for his work on the long-running hit ABC television series, Full House, which aired for eight seasons, with 192 episodes produced, and can now be seen as part of the popular Nick At Nite and ABC Family network lineups.

Good clean funny stuff, check it out!

Moss Mantis: your new favorite band

16 Apr

Moss Mantis

Moss Mantis is not a band of many words. If you check out its website or Facebook page you’ll only find one sentence in the About section. It goes a little something like this: “Moss Mantis is a four-piece rock and roll band from Seattle.” It’s simple, to the point. The band members* just aren’t really into talking about themselves. Refreshing, right? What they are into is playing music, and good music at that. The kind of music you can rock out to — shake your hips, nod your head, jump around, sing along. Shit, you could even throw in a head bang if you were feeling especially inspired, and it wouldn’t be that weird. Have I piqued your interest? (The answer is, “Of course!”) Well, lucky for you Moss Mantis is playing this Friday at the High Dive in Fremont. And as the concert poster states, it promises to be a night of “absolutely insane rock and roll music.” You’d be silly to pass that up. So don’t be silly. Go to the show. Rock out. Thank me later.

*Moss Mantis band members

Ray Benson – Drums

Cameron McCracken – Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Charlie Tribe – Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Sean Walsh – Guitar, Vocals


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Run, Forest! Run!

11 Apr

Ok, we may not all be naturally fit, cross-country runners like Forest, but there is no denying that Seattleites take their physical to the wide open roads the second the spring temperature hits 55 degrees. We see bike and running commuters galore once the days get longer (and supposedly less wet) and believe it or not there is “proper” gear for these kinds of activities.

photo courtesy of brazorunning.com

photo courtesy of brazorunning.com

If you’re a fashion forward city gal, like the Belles and love buying gear, the 2013 REI Running Shoe Expo is for you.

This Saturday, April 13 from 10am-3pm, REI will host you and all your running buddies for shoe fittings, running form and gear extravaganza!

According to event organizers (REI):

“Have your gait analyzed on a treadmill to determine which shoes will best support you, try out free demo pairs for a jog around the block, speak with vendors about their products, check out the new minimalist footwear, and share in the energy of other running and walking enthusiasts. Maybe you’re training for a 5K or the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll, or are hoping to do some trail runs this year; maybe you’re curious about minimalist running, or simply looking to keep yourself fit.”

Here’s to pounding the pavement!

My Oh My, Oh No!

10 Apr

MarinersYep, this post is about the Mariners. However, after being in attendance at that abysmal game last night (lowest attendance in history mind you), the theme is going to take a different track than I had previously planned.

You see, I love the Mariners, and most sports for that matter. I wasn’t able to go to Opening Day on Monday, but I was stoked to go to Day Two last night. I anticipated gushing on here about how excited I am for the season and I’m a fan to the end… blah blah you get the picture. But I woke up this morning feeling very UGH about last night, and just can’t bring myself to exude the excitement I want to.

Don’t get me wrong, you should absolutely keep cheering for the Mariners. I know I will. One game doesn’t necessarily preview how the whole season is going to go. I just wish I hadn’t witnessed that one personally.

SO, in order to take our minds off of a 20 hit game… I would like to draw your attention to this blog post by Seattlepi.com blogger, David Nelson. Like him, I was pretty disappointed in the Mariners’ stance about the proposed new Sonics Arena. I don’t want to get into my reasons here, but David does a great job of pointing out why Mariners fans like me, who also want to see the Sonics return, can still in good conscience root for the Mariners. Worth a few minutes of your time if you’ve been torn on the issue! Thanks David.

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Retro Fools Day

2 Apr

The fourth annual Retro Fools Day is this Saturday, April 6th at Stevens Pass. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s a day of retro aka old school ski outfits (which is my favorite part), stunt and race competitions, raffle prizes and style awards. In summary, it’s a great day of spring skiing in goofy outfits. Fun, right?! Awards include Best Dressed,  Fastest Time, Best Trick, and the ever ambiguous Most Radical.

Not sure what to wear? Let the gentleman below serve as an example. Bonus points from me if you can score a neon onesie.

retro fools day

Photo via wastelandnw.com

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World Ski and Snowboard Festival

26 Mar

World Ski and Snowboard Festical

Look at all the beanie-clad kids. Photo via theskichannel.

Do you ski or snowboard? If so, boy oh boy, do I have the deal for you. The World Ski and Snowboard Festival is April 12 – April 21 in Whistler, and Whistler is offering some killer stay-and-ski packages. Usually, a standard one-day lift ticket will cost you roughly $100. But during the festival you can score (like my friends and I did)  a suite for three nights, and a two-day lift ticket for every person in the room for approximately $250. That’s right, the room AND tickets cost $250 total.* Such an amazing deal considering two standard tickets alone would normally cost you $200.

The prices aren’t the only thing that is awesome about this event. Besides sunny Spring skiing, the World Ski and Snowboard Festival also offers concerts, competitions and the shopping/eating/drinking treats Whistler is known for. My friends and I have attended before and it’s such a blast. If you’ve been wanting to go to Whistler, now is the time to do it.

*Price based on six person suite

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Fashion Friday: Transitions

22 Mar

From new seasons to new jobs, we are in constant motion – evolving, changing, learning and experiencing as we go. Spring is the transitional season between winter and summer, bringing promises of longer days, new growth, warmer weather and that sun-kissed glow.

New Image

From accessories to sunnies to watches and now swim, a few of my favorite pieces from each category

As we move forward (fashion, that is) into an array of spring florals, pastels, stripes and shades of sherbet, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the rainfall, smell the flowers an reflect on all the good in your life. Here’s a few ways to inject a fresh perspective and strengthen your sense of self and happiness this Spring:

  • Take the time to evaluate your wardrobe and donate the excess and ill-fitting
  • Incorporate a punch of color or bright pattern into your everyday ensemble
  • Wear open-toed shoes
  • Read an inspiring book
  • Try a new workout to blast that a** into shape in time for bikini season
  • Call your Granada
  • Don’t wear black – or at least try it for just a day
  • Trade your winter-weight jacket for a lightweight metallic parka

How will you seamlessly transition into Spring?

Stay tuned and stay stylish.

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The Moisture Festival is at it Again

21 Mar

The Moisture Festival will present comedy/varietè/burlesque performances featuring the best in local, national, and international artists at these venues across the Seattle area including Hales Palladium, the Broadway Performance Hall and Siff Cinema at the Uptown.  Stay tuned for additional venues as we confirm them.

The Moisture Festival showcases  highly skilled performers with many bizarre talents, often humorous, with no limit to the imagination. Presented as a variety show, each act or artist performs his or her routine within a 3-15 minute time slot while being accompanied by a live show band.

Look out for aerialists, jugglers, comedians, dancers, rope acts, bubble acts, clowns, acrobats, can can girls, strong women, strong men, tap dancers, drill teams, musical numbers, the weird and the wonderful all keeping the tradition of comedy/varietè/vaudeville alive.


Check out the full calendar of events here.

The troop has come to realize that it is impossible to define “family friendly” since it depends entirely on the particular family, but there is a way to gauge which show is right for you and your family and friends.

  • 3:00pm shows: Ideal for children of all ages
  • 7:30pm shows: Geared for all ages, but not guarantee to meet everyone’s expectations of “family friendly”10:30pm & Burlesque shows: 18 years and older with a more adult orientation


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